Submitting a resource

To recommend a new resource for the site, please read the information below and complete the form.

All submissions will be reviewed for inclusion based on quality assurance criteria.

Resource requirements

Resources must:

  • Convey a clear, accurate and positive message about mental health.
  • Be age and education phase
  • Be clinically safe.
  • Be informed by research or evidence-based (paid)Be up-to-date and relevant
  • Be inclusive and suitable for all children.
  • Be suitable for use in educational settings
  • Encourage safe and supportive learning
  • Link to educational objectives (where appropriate)
  • Meet quality assurance standards for the relevant sector (e.g. Helplines: all helplines/advice services should meet Helplines Partnership standards).

Please note:

  • Owing to the potentially high volume, we are unable to review and feature resources that have been produced by individuals unless a robust evaluation process can be evidenced.
  • All paid programmes and lesson plans need to have evidence of having been evaluated by your school or others, or accredited (e.g via PSHE Association’s formal accreditation process).
  • Other resources (e.g school advice briefings) submitted should also be evidence-informed or research-based.
  • All programmes, lesson plans and resources should meet the quality assurance criteria outlined above.
  • To keep the number of resources on the site manageable, when deciding whether to include a new resource we will consider the number and quality of the resources we already feature on that topic.


Presenting your evidence base

To progress through the quality assurance process, resources that fall into the following categories must be accompanied by a robust evidence base that includes pre- and post-evaluation, ideally in the form of a published report:

  • Whole-school programmes
  • Small-group programmes
  • Toolkit/lesson plan/PSHE resource

Resources that have a cost attached will not be considered without clear pre- and post-evaluation. Following evaluation feedback from school staff, we will be limiting the number of paid programmes available on Mentally Healthy Schools.

If your resource is currently in the evaluation stage, we recommend waiting until you have a complete report to submit the form.


The review process

Submissions of new resources will be reviewed on a termly basis. Resources that meet our initial criteria will be passed on for quality assurance by a team of clinical experts, teachers and school leaders. More information about the quality assurance process is available on the Mentally Healthy Schools website.

Please note: because of the high volume of approaches, we are only able to make contact or enter into correspondence with those organisations whose resources are selected for the site.

Once a resource has been identified as suitable for inclusion on the website, we will contact the owner (or their representative) to request further information, including a description of the resource for promotional purposes and a copy of the organisation’s logo (if applicable).

We will undertake regular reviews of all resources featured on the Mentally Healthy Schools website, and will remove and update resources based on feedback from users. We are unlikely to inform organisations if their resource is removed from the resource library.


Please complete the form below to submit a resource for Mentally Healthy Schools

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