Sarah and the Whammi

A selection of interactive activities, focused on family, bullying, friendships and difference and diversity.

This resource allows children to explore four different topics – family, bullying, friendship and difference and diversity – through interactive activities and through Sarah’s story.

These activities encourage children to identify emotions in themselves and in others, acknowledge the perspectives of others, and learn how to deal with various situations that come up at school and at home.

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Using this resource

This resource is designed for:

  • children aged from 4 to 7
  • use with individual children


Curriculum links

Northern Ireland – Personal Development and Mutual Understanding


Pupils should be enabled to explore:

• their self–esteem and self-confidence; (KS1)

• their own and others’ feelings and emotions and how their actions affect others; (KS1)


Pupils should be enabled to explore:

• initiating and developing mutually satisfying relationships; (KS1)

• responsibility and respect, honesty and fairness; (KS1)

• constructive approaches to conflict; (KS1)

• similarities and differences between people;


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