Teaching Tolerance website

Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors and other practitioners.

Educators use Teaching Tolerance materials to supplement curriculum, to enhance educator capacity, and to support civil and inclusive school communities where all children are welcomed, respected and valued.

The Teaching Tolerance program emphasises social justice and anti-bias education. Teaching Tolerance provides educators the tools to teach students how to challenge prejudice and become agents of change in their own lives. Teaching Tolerance’s Social Justice Standards allow educators to engage a range of social justice topics through anchor standards and learning outcomes broken into four domains: Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action.

Teaching Tolerance materials are aimed at grades kindergarten through 12th in U.S. schools. These materials would be appropriate for KS1 through KS5 in England.

Wherever possible, we have identified and included resources from the UK. However, some are from non-UK organisations. These have been through the same quality assurance process and have been included as the content is still valid and useful. If you would like to suggest a UK alternative, please let us know.

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