Lesson plans and PSHE resources

This section includes a number of lesson plans and PSHE resources focused either on opening up a dialogue with children on mental health, raising awareness or employing various protective attitudes and coping skills. All lesson plans included here are free. Many have been accredited by the PSHE Association or have been quality controlled by a range of experts as part of the process of including them on this site.

PSHE and lesson plans should form part of broader cross curriculum activity and should be supported through whole school activity, policies and procedures. They should not be used as one-off activities, time fillers or by school staff who may not have a good knowledge of children in a class. There should also be a clear procedure in place to pick up and support children who need additional assistance.

Why teach mental health and wellbeing as part of PSHE?

Learning about mental health and wellbeing as part of the PSHE/SMSC curriculum offers many benefits. It:

  • Helps children develop key social and emotional skills – e.g. identifying and managing thoughts, promoting wellbeing, helping develop positive coping strategies and building self-esteem etc.
  • Helps children develop spiritual, moral, social and cultural attributes associated with ‘character’, attainment and general achievement in life.
  • Helps to keep pupils safe.
  • Helps children manage the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that they will face growing up.
  • Normalises conversations about mental health and wellbeing and seeking help.
  • Identifies pupils who might need additional support.

Sessions should form part of the broader whole school curriculum and activity focused on promoting welfare, safety, effective decision making, resilience and a child’s ability to thrive. Sessions should also be interactive and delivered by well-trained and supported staff who role-model what they teach.

About the resources

A number of teaching modules have been specifically designed to deliver as part of the PSHE curriculum.

  • All resources included here are free.
  • PSHE modules included here are for primary school children and have either been accredited by the PSHE Association or included following a robust quality control process. Not all PSHE resources are free but the ones included on this site are.

These modules will not have been as extensively evaluated as the licensed programmes highlighted in the whole-school programmes and small group work.

Assessing the impact of PSHE and lesson plans

There are several tools for measuring the difference that lessons make to pupils’ wellbeing. This will also help you showcase the impact of your school’s work to Ofsted.

Further reading on delivering PSHE


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