Quality assurance and evidence

Learn more about the quality assurance process and evidence behind our classroom and wellbeing resources and site content.

Quality assurance of resources

The resources on the classroom and wellbeing hub have passed through a rigorous quality assurance process involving clinical and educational experts from Anna Freud to make sure they are:

  • Clear, accurate and convey a positive message about mental health.
  • Age and education phase appropriate.
  • Clinically safe.
  • Informed by research or evidence-based (paid)
  • Suitable for all children.
  • Up to date and/or relevant.
  • Suitable for use in education settings
  • Encourages safe and supportive learning
  • Linked to educational objectives (where appropriate)

The resources have not been accredited by an organisation such as the PSHE association or reviewed by the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF).

Despite our rigorous quality assurance process for the resources, content and third-party services featured on the site, we cannot take responsibility for recommendations, links to other websites, resources or content on third party sites. 

Evidence behind the site’s content

The content of the site, for example in the mental health information and whole-school approach sections, has been built around core academic evidence.

It has also been quality assured by clinical experts, together with feedback from a panel of teachers and school leaders.

Academic references have not been included in the text to keep the information accessible. Most key references underpinning the information can be found in the Centre for Mental Health’s ‘Missed Opportunities’ report, which helped inform the need for, and initial development of, the site.

The academic evidence used includes references to the following sources, among others:

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