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Sexual harrassment lesson plan

A three-part drama series about sexual harrassment at work, designed for schools to build a lesson around.

Coercive control lesson plan

This lesson from BBC Teach is designed for use with students over 15, and explores the topic of coercive control and controlling relationships.

Outside the Box: promoting gender equality & tackling sexual harassment in schools

A resource for those working with children and young people of all ages, supporting them to promote gender equality throughout their settings and tackle sexism and sexual harassment.

Learn without fear: girls' rights school pack

A detailed lesson pack looking at the topic of gender based violence and how girls are affected by violence in school in the UK.

Transition toolkit: resources for starting, changing or leaving school or college

Free toolkits for primary, secondary and FE settings, full of practical resources to help pupils and their parents manage changes in their education.

Supporting your child with school anxiety and refusal

Simple advice for parents/carers to help their children if they're worried about school.