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10 Step Guide to Mindful Listening

A 5-minute mindfulness exercise for 5-9 year olds to help your pupils feel calm.

By: Meditation in Schools

10 practical tips for school staff to help children settle when starting primary school

Useful tips for school staff to help children settle when starting primary school or to support those who change school regularly.

10 steps towards school staff wellbeing

A report looking at how to best support staff wellbeing in schools. It focuses on self-care and support, balancing workloads, and provides advice on how to measure and monitor wellbeing in schools.

10 tips for school leaders and senior staff on supporting mental health and wellbeing

There are a number of ways that school leaders can approach supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing. This document provides 10 top tips for making mental health a whole-school priority.

10 tips for teaching and support staff

To help get started in promoting and supporting the mental health of the children in your school, here are 10 useful tips and pieces of advice to help you feel informed in the decisions that you make, and also guidance on where to seek support if...

10 ways for parents to help their children cope with change

Going through change can be scary or challenging for children. These 10 top tips aimed at parents can provide a starting point for helping children struggling with a change in their life.