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Traumatic bereavement animation and resources

Resources to give school staff the knowledge and tools to give traumatically bereaved children and young people appropriate help and support. 

5 ways to connect to nature to improve our wellbeing

A guide from the WWF sharing simple ways that we can get out in nature and improve our general wellbeing.

Mental health and nature video

In this video, Sir David Attenborough talks about the links between mental health and nature. Schools could use this video as part of a lesson about how nature can impact our wellbeing.

Nature and mental health guide

This booklet explores the benefits that nature can have for our mental health, and suggests lots of different activities to try.

Cloud watching mindfulness activity

Cloud watching can be a useful activity for mindfulness and relaxation. This short guide features suggestions to help schools structure the activity as part of an outdoor lesson.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021: toolkit of resources

Two toolkits - one for primary schools, one for secondary schools & FE settings - full of resources for students and staff for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021.