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Reducing mental health stigma for school staff

A short guide for schools about how to reduce stigma around school staff asking for help with their mental health.

Black History Month resources

A set of resources for schools for Black History Month, focusing on mental health themes.

How to be a better ally to your students: Black allies

In this video, Black students and teachers share their experiences of racism in school and offer tips for safeguarding students.

Celebrating Black History Month: classroom activity

This lesson, created for Black History Month, looks at themes of kindness and resilience by teaching students about Black British humanitarians.

Racism and mental health advice for young people

Being treated differently or unfairly because of race, skin colour or ethnicity can negatively affect young people’s mental health. This guide shares information for young people on how to get help if they have experienced racism.

Time to level up: a short film about self-belief

A short film for children about self-belief, identity and positive relationships, featuring Black role models.