Overview of ideas to promote staff wellbeing

An overview of ideas to support and promote staff wellbeing in schools and colleges.

This resource provides a list of ideas that mental health leads can draw on to support staff wellbeing in their school or college.

The resource provides tips and suggestions in areas such as policy, training and broader mental health provision. It covers:

  • universal support for all
  • targeted support for individuals or groups
  • specialist support outside schools and colleges.

The resource also offers some practical suggestions and points for consideration when implementing a whole-school or college approach to staff wellbeing.  

Mental health leads may wish to use this resource to review current practise, facilitate further planning and develop a strategy for promoting staff wellbeing in their setting. 

Using this resource

This resource is designed for: 

  • use by mental health leads working with students aged 5 to 19+.

Learning outcomes

This resource addresses the following learning outcomes: 

  • Access and utilise tools, strategies and resources to support their own mental health so that they can look after themselves.
  • Identify and utilise tools, strategies and resources to confidently engage staff to help promote and support their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Share simple evidence-based strategies and exercises with staff and pupils/students to help them manage their mental health and develop their own coping strategies.
  • Facilitate development of school staff, identifying critical training and ensuring that all staff can recognise and understand the process to respond to mental health concerns.
  • Signpost and increase and promote awareness of resources to support staff.
  • Identify opportunities for appropriate use of pupil or student peer-led wellbeing support.

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